PASSIVE LANDLORDS: If you're considering rental properties, you've come to the right place. We have properties currently availble that have been completely renovated and screened-tenants are already in leases paying fair market rental rates. These are truly turn-key income properties offering 6%-10% CAP rates.

RENOVATORS or ACTIVE LANDLORDS - WE WHOLESALE. If you'd like to be more active and handle renovations yourself, but don't have the time to track properties fulltime looking for the best buys, we'll bring you opportunities to which very few people will have access.

PASSIVE INVESTORS: More interested in a passvie investment where your money does all the work for you?  Contact us regarding short-term, real estate backed investments earning 8%-20%. Questions regarding risk? Your investment is secured by first position loans on high-equity real estate. Our detailed strategy has resulted in a perfect investment return track record. References available.

For more information, please call 208-640-5518 or email for a conifidential consultation.

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